Grant B.

“Not a buyers market, and wait it out” is what my wife and I have heard for the past 6 years; when trying to purchase a home. Well, our waiting game had come to end, and we decided to “throw a dart at the board” and see if we could get lucky. We did not get lucky; we got Will Kinson. From the start, Will was upfront and honest about the current market conditions. I Will quarterbacked a game plan for my family to get into a house that we absolutely love. Trying to purchase a home in this market, and paying up to $150K-$200K over the asking price on the Eastside; while competing against 15-20 other offers, with offer review dates, was not a scenario I wanted to put the family through. Will’s professionalism and expertise got us into our family’s dream home. Finding the right buyer's agent is critical in a seller's market, and we found ours.

James G.

Will is a dedicated and talented sales professional. I have hired and worked with Will twice now. Will is a team player who is well-liked, competitive, and organized. He is accountable, and thorough, and he balances rapport-building with product knowledge advantages in his sales technique. Will is easygoing by nature and handles change management well. Will has developed into a very effective sales presenter and is able to build large sales pipelines quickly. I highly recommend Will as a sales leader with any team that is looking for someone accountable and driven.


Will did an exceptional job in helping us identify and ultimately close on our home, in January of 2023! Leaving Texas for Washington was a difficult decision for our little family and the logistics involved were extremely stressful. Shockingly, looking for and purchasing a home was not - thanks to Will. He was communicative, organized, patient, and knowledgeable. I will undoubtedly work with Will again in the future, and wholeheartedly recommend him for any real estate transactions needing a polished and personable professional!

Matt R.

Will is second to none. My wife and I were looking for a very specific property and we forewarned Will that we would be a tough client. He didn’t seem phased at all- we only had to look at a handful of properties prior to finding ‘the one’. The process was very transparent and painless. We were able to get the exact house we were after. In this market, you need a skilled professional to help navigate the process and Will fits that criterion perfectly.

Work With Will

My goal is to bring a unique blend of integrity, discretion, professionalism, and humor to every transaction. Building and maintaining solid relationships is something I truly enjoy.

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